The Impact House Cleaning has on Indoor Air Quality


The Impact House Cleaning has on Indoor Air Quality

House cleaning is absolutely necessary for indoor air quality. Homeowners need to clean regularly and deep clean occasionally. H-Town Cleaning Company understands how hard it may be to clean so often. Daily life does not allow for such frequent cleaning. If you have a full-time job, then the last thing you want to do while at home is clean.

So, a professional house cleaning service would certainly help. Even without professional cleaners, it is vital to clean the home. Doing so removes bacteria, allergens, dirt, dust, and more from the air. A dirty house leads to problems associated with peoples’ health, the energy bill, and HVAC systems.

House Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality

As time goes on, dust and dirt collect on surfaces and in the carpet. These areas should be cleaned to keep a healthy environment. Poor indoor air quality can lead to significant consequences in the home. Firstly, family members can begin to develop health issues such as allergies or asthma. Signs of poor indoor air quality include rashes, fatigue, sinus trouble, coughing, eye irritation, and more.

Secondly, poor indoor air quality can lead to heating and cooling problems. Air conditioning and furnace systems are capable of becoming clogged from dust, dirt, and allergens. A dirty house contributes to the excess particles in the air. As they are carried to the system, they get caught in the filter. Once a filter becomes more clogged, it collects even more contaminants. Cleaning a house on a regular schedule will help reduce the clogging of the filter and save clients money.

Finally, clients can potentially have higher energy bills. Neglecting a dirty home will cause the air ducts and filters to clog up. Once these areas are clogged, the air conditioning and furnace work harder to get air to parts of the house. The units will continue to stay on until it fills the home with cold or hot air. Subsequently, this raises the energy bill.

The Importance of House Cleaning

Contact H-Town Cleaning Company for professional cleaning services. House cleaning plays a large role in air quality. With our services, clients can have peace of mind knowing their home is clean and safe of air pollutants.


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