COVID–19 (Coronavirus) Disinfecting Service

COVID–19 (Coronavirus) Disinfecting Service

Exterior Coronavirus / COVID-19 Disinfecting Service

H-Town House Cleaning offers Exterior Coronavirus / COVID-19 Disinfecting Services to our neighbors. We are committed to provide a much needed service to Houstonians. We want to feel safe in our communities. In addition, more Houstonians are forced to stay at home. Overall it is within our nature to go outside. While still maintaining Social Distancing etiquette, public places harbor the dreaded COVID-19 virus on surfaces such as playgrounds and picnic tables.

How can H-Town Cleaning Company help you?

Today families are spending more time together during the lockdown. As a result, you notice a lot more issues around the home than normal. We provide pressure washing services to the exterior of your home. Also with little to no interaction, our staff will not enter your home. Morever, we use our high grade disinfectant cleaner to keep coronavirus away. In addition, our team focuses on exterior features of your home. We clean patios, decks, swing sets, outdoor furniture, playsets, etc.

We love our friends and family. However, we don’t know who’s been in contact with the infectious virus. If you had company visit recently, our service is available to you. We scrub off any bacteria from any of your hard to reach surfaces.

How does H-Town Cleaning’s services work?

Whether residential or commercial, we are available to you. For instance, our pressure washer system carries a nice “Soft Wash” feature for all types of cleaning options you need. We disinfect your surfaces with minimal damage risk. If your home has features that are easily damaged, we have the tools for the job. We give free consults that help us to identify your best options. In the image below, notice common areas that require low pressure washing.

H-Town House Cleaning services common areas where dust and dirt accumulate. We use specific cleaning products depending on your surface material. The wrong choice in cleaning can cause premature wear and corrosion. Play sets and swings are made of plastic. Of course the exterior of your home is made out of brick and concrete. The variety of these surfaces are not a problem for us and should not be for you either. Our experts use the best products available to clean your home. Feel free to ask us how we can help your neighborhood stay safe.

Do you only provide this service to residential buildings?

We make our service available to the whole Houston community to combat the spread of COVID-19. We actively connect with administrators for local parks or schools. Without a doubt Houston is a beautiful city. We always pull our resources together to help especially in a time of crisis. We keep you Houston Strong!

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